How to Get More Leads for Your Dealership in 2021

15 Jan 2021 Helpful Tips Car Dealers caravan dealers

The car industry in Australia is constantly evolving. In 2020, we saw a shift in buying trends, which means your current lead generation strategy may not be as effective as before. Research has highlighted that car buyers spend 61% of their time looking and researching for cars online, as opposed to walking around different car yards.

Staying on top of the changes in the car industry can be difficult. We have the full breakdown of tips and recommendations on how to get more leads for your dealership in 2021. 

Improve Your Social Media Presence

Social media is the largest source of traffic and customer engagement in the world. For most of us, checking Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube is a daily occurrence. An essential way dealers can enhance their lead generation is to have an active social media presence.

Here are the essentials:

Facebook page: Facebook has over 17 million monthly opens in Australia. Dealers should ideally have an active Facebook page where customers can view, shop, and enquire about your stock. Facebook is simple and does not require IT experience. Simple tactics include:

  • Messenger: Messenger is a free service linked into your Facebook business account. It gives your customers the ability to enquire, set up test drives and even purchase the car. With 24/7 messagiing availability, customers can enquire about any of your cars at any time of the day or night instead of having to wait for the next business day. 
  • Photos of stock: Dealers should ideally post vehicle images frequently to their Facebook page. Leads want to see images of the car they may want to purchase. Uploading an image is a quick process and can be done within a minute. It effectively engages with the buyer and shows them more details of the vehicle to generate greater interest. 
  • Address: A minor detail that is often commonly missed is easy access to dealership info like a phone number and address. This information should be readily available for readers so they don't end up having to dig for it, which will hamper the user experience. 

Instagram page: Dealers are not yet using Instagram to its fullest advantage. Linked with Facebook, Instagram is the second largest social media website in the world. Instagram is an image sharing platform that allows users to post any image they like. As of 2020 there are 9.4 million active Instagram accounts, which equates to almost 40% of Australians. For dealers, this is a great opportunity to enter a growing online social media website where local competition is relatively small. Creating an Instagram account is simple and most importantly free! All you need to do is post images of your stock and you will have a brand-new feel lead generation tool.

Using both Facebook and Instagram consistently not only open your dealership to a substantial number of customers but will also help you grow your leads.

Get a Lead-Generating Online Website

This year has proven how important it is to have the ability to trade over the internet. We have seen customers starting the buying process of a vehicle online instead of visiting multiple dealerships. In fact, recent research has shown a genuine car buyer will only visit two dealerships before purchasing a vehicle. To stay competitive, it is a must for dealers to have an online website for potential leads and customers.

Here a few of the essentials for your website:

Online showroom: The most important part of your website is having an online showroom of all the stock that you are currently selling. Your website must have an easily accessible up-to-date list of all the stock you have available and the price that you are selling them for. Having your stock easily accessible on your website will help you minimise customer bounce rates and grow your leads.

Easy to find contact us: Like Facebook, having your contact form in a difficult to find area of your website could cost you a significant amount of potential leads. The contact us form must be easily accessible on the top navigation bar. This gives users of your website the chance to immediately contact you if they are interested in any of your stock.

Mobile friendly: Over 51.98 percent of web page searches worldwide came from mobile devices. It proves how essential it is for dealers to have a mobile-friendly website. Not havingone could cost you almost half of the online customer base. 

Instead of losing thousands of dollars to dealer website problems, it's important to review and update your website to make it more appealing for your online leads. 

Online Advertising

One of the biggest questions we get asked is how to get more leads online. Online advertising on classifed websites and Facebook Marketplace is perhaps the best way to spread the word about your vehicles to prospective buyers. The online marketplace has grown significantly, especially in 2020, which is why you cannot afford to overlook this tactic anymore. 

Apart from listing your vehicle inventory on your website, you will need to acquire customers to your dealership through effective advertising. For dealers there are many advertisers available to post your vehicle.

Some popular advertisers include:

  • Car Sales
  • Gumtree
  • Cars Guide
  • Trading Post
  • Country Cars
  • eBay
  • Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is becoming a dominant online advertiser, especially with 17 million Australian users on the Facebook platform. Listing your cars on Facebook Marketplace through an accredited partner will help you get more sales leads. Additonally, Shop for Cars is a free online advertiser providing you with a complete platform to showcase your vehicles to the online world. This is a great way to maximise leads and sales at no extra cost. Shop for Cars generates an average of 5 to 20 leads per month for used car dealers. 

Get a Google My Business page and Online Reviews

Google is the largest online search engine and advertising tool in the world. Customers who are looking at purchasing their next car use Google as their source of information. Having a Google My Business account will allow you to properly communicate the important details of your dealership with your ideal customers. 

Google online reviews is so important for dealers as this is used on Google’s search engine to inform potential leads about your dealership. Google online reviews will provide customers with all the reviews your dealership has been given from past customers and valuable decision making information such as what you have provided customers before, what your reputation is and how you have helped them in the past. Purchasing is often a tough decision and having positive reviews can lead to customer trust and maximised sales.


These valuable tips will show you how to get more leads for your dealership in 2021. If you are looking for an automotive inventory management software that takes care of all your dealership's day-to-day tasks, so you can focus on selling more cars, check out our EasyCars system or call us on 1300 473 744 for more information.