How to get the best return out of your online advertising?

21 Feb 2021 Advertising

Vehicle inventory management

According to Google, 92% of car buyers will start their research online before making a purchase decision. We know you already know this otherwise you wouldn’t advertise online... BUT – the way you approach it can make a big difference to how many cars you sell. Want to know how to get the best return from your online advertising? Read on...

Automate and simplify your advertising with an advanced dealer management system

It is unacceptable to expect anyone to enter any vehicle details more than once for any purpose, let-alone for each different advertiser. The right dealer management system (DMS) simplifies and eliminates the need to rekey vehicle information multiple times. You enter stock data just once and it automatically creates your vehicle with the option to customise descriptions for each advertiser. All this frees up your time to do more profitable things like generating leads and closing sales.

Use advertisers with high-volume results 

There are plenty of advertisers available to you and you should be on as many as possible to maximise your visibility to car buyers. But some advertisers like Facebook Marketplace offer a high volume of leads in comparison to others. Australia has 16 million users on Facebook. This is a huge base of potential car buyers you could be connecting with. 

Include detailed images to bring in more prospects

Images are powerful because they showcase the vehicle in much more detail to a prospect. Include close-up images of the odometer reading, engine, dashboard screen, spare keys, logbooks, door switches, steering wheel controls, and front and rear seats. Make sure you have at least 15-20 images per listing to highlight smaller details that bring more buyers through your doors. Some DMS providers have phone apps, making it easier to link detailed images to your listings.

Build greater confidence in your dealership with positive online reviews

Once prospects shortlist cars from different dealerships, they go to Google and Facebook to review each dealership’s reputation. Most dealerships have a 3-star rating. But if one dealership stands out with an impressive 4-star rating, who do you think the prospect will choose? Reviews can be automated to generate lots of positive online reviews, which directly impacts your sales.

Convert leads into sales on your website

Buyers will visit your dealership's website for more information about the vehicle or your dealership no matter where they saw the car in the first place. This is the perfect opportunity to capture and convert the lead with important sales tools like car history reports, finance and instant valuations. A car history report costs you just $10 per vehicle. Giving buyers this report for free shows them you have nothing to hide. They automatically feel more confident and are more likely to buy from your dealership.

It’s dead simple –

In order to get the best return from your car advertising, you need the right partner. Find out how the EasyAd vehicle inventory management tool from EasyCars offers all these valuable features and so much more. Call us today on 1300 473 744 or fill in the form below to get a free demo.

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