Managing Negative Reviews: Strategies for your Dealership

11 Sep 2023 Helpful Tips

managing negative reviews 

In today’s digital age, huge milestones like purchasing your first car and exploring used car listings can be achieved with ease via the internet.

The way your website presents along with the ratings and reviews it possesses, allows potential buyers to gauge your reputation and credibility.

Positive reviews will benefit your dealership greatly; however, negative reviews are going to have the opposite effect.

In today’s blog, we are going to discuss what you can do when your dealership website gets a negative review and how you can better manage it for both customer satisfaction, and the reputation of your dealership!

1. Stay Calm and Analyse

The first step you should take when you receive a negative review is to stay calm and avoid reacting impulsively. While it can be frustrating and hurtful, it is important to understand that one or two negative reviews will not impact your reputation. Resilience is key- stay calm and try to understand your customer’s perspective. If your customer left one star with no context, or a detailed description, ensure to spare some time out of your day if you can, or wait until after hours to give the customer a call to further discuss what specifically went wrong during their interaction at your dealership and how you can resolve the issue.

2. Respond to negative reviews promptly

To ensure for customer satisfaction after a negative experience, it is important to respond promptly to all reviews, especially the negative. This will allow you to de-escalate the issue and will reassure the customer that you genuinely care about the feedback they have provided. Customers appreciate when a business acknowledges all concerns in a timely manner. By doing so, this prevents the issue from escalating further.

3. Address your customer professionally

It is important that you address your customer professionally, and empathetically.

Because your reviewer is already frustrated, the need to make them feel heard and understood will be key for solving the issue. De-escalating the situation creates space for amicable communication and beneficial solutions for both your dealership, and the customer’s satisfaction.

4. Communicate in a professional tone

When you are in the process of responding to your customer, maintaining a professional and kind tone will help you avoid sounding defensive and confrontational, it is common to feel a negative review is unjustified. However, responding with empathy and positivity reflects positively on you as an individual, and your dealership. This also indicates that you manage negative feedback with maturity.

5. Learn and Improve

Last but certainly not least, you will have the ability to learn and improve. Negative reviews, while disheartening, are great to use as a learning tool for the future!

Use your negative reviews and constructive criticism as an opportunity to be better. Improving your dealership’s process’ and customer service skills helps to prevent recurring issues and similar situations in the future. Take all advice on board and you will see progress in all areas of your dealership— it’s guaranteed!

In conclusion,

How you handle your negative reviews will make a significant difference in your dealership’s reputation and customer satisfaction. By responding promptly, professionally, and addressing the specific issue with maturity. You can learn from the feedback you receive, and you can turn a negative experience, into a positive one. It’s important not to aim to avoid negative reviews altogether, but about what you take from them, and how you respond to them, that matters most.

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