Technology Trends that Will Change the Way Dealers Operate in 2023

28 Mar 2023 Helpful Tips


It’s no secret that technology has changed the way that dealers operate. Technology will continue to advance throughout 2023, some developments may have a massive impact on the way that you operate now and in the future.

That brings us to the question what technology changes should dealers expect in 2023? And what will it mean for your dealership?

EasyCars has put together 5 Technology Trends that will change the way Dealers Operate in 2023.

Let’s get into it!

1. Online Presence

92% of Australians research online when looking for a car to buy. To operate a successful Motor Dealership in Australia in 2023 having a strong Online Presence is non-negotiable.

We all know that customers find their next car online, your dealership needs to take advantage of and capture that online interest by having a strong online web presence. To have a strong online web presence your dealership needs to implement a strong digital marketing strategy.

Think about employing or introducing different SEO and social media strategies to get your dealership to the top positions online. If buyers can't find your dealership online, they will go to another dealership who they can find.

The internet will continue to change the way that dealers operate. Having a strong online presence will lead to greater sales opportunities and faster growth potential.

2. Mobile-first Focus

The mobile phone has changed online selling completely. To highlight the power mobile devices have on selling products, studies show that over 60% of all web searches now come from a Mobile device!

To be successful buying and selling Motor Vehicle in 2023 it is vital that your Dealership Website is Mobile Friendly. Before you begin trying to sell cars online, test how your website operates via a mobile device. Your website should be easy to use, access and to action on any device type.

3. Facebook Automotive Inventory Ads

Since inception in late 2021, Facebook Automotive Inventory Ads have changed the way that Motor Dealerships market and gain leads through Facebook. Some of you may be thinking, what is Facebook Automotive Inventory Ads?

Facebook Automotive Inventory Ads are automated vehicle advertisements that serve ads to Facebook users who are in currently in the market for a vehicle.

Facebook Automotive Inventory Ads use your Dealerships Online vehicle listings, Facebook data, and website data to show ads to specific in-market shoppers who live within a close radius of your dealership.

The biggest benefit of Facebook Automotive Inventory Ads is they are dynamic. Which means the ad will automatically stay up to date with your vehicle stock as you buy and sell! You don’t need to manually update anything!

4. Dealer Management System

Many dealers don’t realise the importance and power a dealer management system has on growing their dealership.

A dealer management system is much more than an application. A dealer management system gives you the tools, information, and tips to leverage future growth. Implementing a system like EasyCars, dealers can automate management and access new revolutionary features that increase efficiencies, maximise sales opportunities and reduce costs, all of which is vital whilst operating in a volatile market like 2023.

5. Online Vehicle Deposits

The key to selling Vehicles is creating a sense of urgency for buyers. You need to make buyers take action now and not tomorrow! A new trend that many Motor Dealerships are already taking advantage of in 2023 is Online Vehicle Deposits.

Online Vehicle Deposits allows Buyers to place a holding deposit on a vehicle that they are interested in directly through a Dealership Website. Buyers can pay a deposit and keep the vehicle on hold for an agreed time until they make a final decision.

To learn more about Online Vehicle Deposits, please click here.

Final Word,

The Australian Automotive Industry is going to change dramatically in 2023. To be successful it is important that your dealership stays on top of and adapts to the latest changes in the industry. The 5 trends presented are a few of the new technology trends that are predicted to change the way that dealers operate in 2023.

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