Turning an online lead into a sale

23 Feb 2021 Helpful Tips

Converting an online lead into a sale is getting harder by the day. With intense competition and some dealerships offering unthinkable prices, dealers are now forced to think outside the box and provide something out of the ordinary to turn the lead into a sale.

Here is some of the easy strategies you can use to turn a lead into a sale for your dealership.

1. Fast response time

Sure, it may be an obvious strategy but the importance of fast responses to leads cannot be overlooked. Attention spans of leads are getting shorter and shorter, if they do not receive a fast response to their enquiry the chances are, they have gone to a competitor.

Leads responses should be within minutes, not hours or days, the faster you respond the more likely for them to come into the dealership or even purchase the car.

I know what you are thinking it is difficult to respond to leads outside business hours. Did you know that over 40% of leads come through after hours? To cater for this there are solutions available for dealers that allow you to integrate your dealer management system to your Facebook account allowing you to get real time updates and connect with leads instantly. You don’t even need to be at your dealership!

2. Personalise your responses

A trap that all of us fall into is using a template or the same message for every lead that comes through. Personalising your responses is a quick-fire way of immediately grabbing the leads attention. Not only will the lead feel like they are talking to a real person but they will be further enticed to come in.

You will want to make sure that the lead knows who you are and what you can do for them. Some essential areas to cover include:

  • Addressing their personal name
  • The salesman or person addressing name and direct contact number
  • What type of information are they looking for
  • Positive reviews or Google star rating
  • Inform the lead what they need to do next

3. Answer their questions in the first response

A common strategy that is used by dealers is trying to get the lead into the dealership to answer all the questions they may have. Often leads will do the opposite, they won’t come in and will end up going cold just due to the fact they haven’t received the answers they want.

We get it, the main objective is to get leads physically into your dealership but avoiding the question they may have or reverting to asking for an in-person conversation may send red flags to the lead that you are either avoiding the question or cannot answer. Addressing the leads questions or concerns in the first contact is an easy way to build trust which furthers your chance of conversion.

4. Clear responses

One area that often turns people off buying something is the response they get. When getting an online lead through to your dealership it is so important to check that everything is clear and correct before sending it.

Typos, templates with the wrong info, wrong links, or especially wrong price can push the lead away. Always double check what you type before sending it to the lead.

5. Make it easy for them

The most generic response to online leads is “come in and you will answer all the questions you have.” The most important tip for converting a lead into a sale is making the entire buying process easy for them.

In the first response you can address financing options you may have, available test drive times, free car history reports and past customer experiences. Addressing some of these points can ease the buyers mind and increase the chance of conversions.

To conclude, selling cars in Australia is proving to be a challenge in the current environment. Customers a looking for something different, Using the following tips can significantly help increase your chance of converting your lead into a sale.

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