Why Many Australian Car Dealer Websites Fail to Generate Leads

01 Mar 2022 Website


95% of Australian Car Buyers find a dealership online. Dealer Websites are the top lead generating tool for Motor Dealers in 2022. With that being said, many Australian Car Dealerships find themselves receiving little to no leads from their dealer website.

There are many reasons why Australian Car Dealer Websites Fail to Generate Leads. For your Dealer Website to be successful it must simplify your customers purchasing process, be easily accessible and have all the things that car buyers look for.

Here are the 5 most common reasons why many Australian Car Dealer Websites Fail to Generate Leads.

1. Your website is not Mobile Friendly

53% of all online searches come from a mobile device. A major problem with many Australian car Dealer Websites is they are not mobile-friendly. If your website is not accessible on mobile devices you are cutting yourself off from over half the Australian market. If a potential car buyer cannot access your website on a mobile device, they will go elsewhere, it’s that simple.

To generate leads, your Dealer Website MUST cater for both mobile and computer devices. All car buyers must be able to access your website no matter what device or search engine they are using.

2. Doesn’t have key features

The sole purpose of a Dealer Website is to simplify your customers purchasing journey. If your Dealer Website doesn’t have all the tools that car buyers look for – you aren’t going to see results.

Customers want to get as much information as possible from your website without having to source more information elsewhere. Key dealer website features include weekly repayment amounts, car valuation tools, and free Car History Reports. 81% of the car buying process happens online, so you need to make sure you give customers all the information they need.

3. Poor Vehicle Listings

To generate leads through your website, you need to have high quality vehicle listings. Like point number 2, you need to give customers as much information about the car as possible. A common mistake made by many Australian dealers is they don’t include enough information, descriptions or have poor vehicle images on listings. This is generally the primary reason why the website doesn’t produce results.

Your website vehicle listings need to be as high quality as possible. Capture high quality vehicle images that are taken on the correct angle, have a detailed description of the cars features and condition and indicate the price the car is for sale – never put POA or price on application.

The better your vehicle listings are, the higher the chance you will have to generate high quality leads it’s that simple.

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4. Bad Design

The look and feel of your website is so important. If a potential customer clicks onto your website and has trouble finding where to go, they will leave and go elsewhere. Your Dealer website needs to be self-explanatory for all users no matter their IT experience. As soon as someone clicks onto your website they should know how to get to different sections.

The homepage of your website is the key to generating leads. Your homepage needs to include a dashboard that lists all the different options you have available for example stock listings, car finance, about you and contact options.

Before you decide to create and publish a website it is always a good idea to run the design by multiple people to get feedback on the design and useability.

5. Poor font size and colour

Another common problem with many dealer websites is the font and colour choice. Incorrect font sizing and colours will greatly affect your websites performance and lead acquisition.

Having font that is too small, too large, too bright, or too dark will lead to customers leaving your website and not coming back. Your websites font MUST be readable and appropriately coloured. Black and White are the two most appropriate font colour choices for websites. Like point number 4 it is always best to seek external feedback from several people to determine the readability and colouring of your website.

Final Word,

To generate high quality leads from your website you need to ensure it has all the features that customers look for, it must be easy to access and easy to use. The 5 common problems mentioned above are some of the key reasons why many Australian Car Dealer Websites Fail to generate leads.

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