5 Ways Your Dealership Can Grow Sales in 2023

17 Jan 2023 Helpful Tips


Growing your Dealerships Sales is a task easier said than done. In saying that, there are ways your dealership can grow sales beyond your current levels throughout 2023 and beyond.

Here are 5 ways your Dealership Can Grow Sales in 2023.

1. Focus on Improving Your Dealership Website

It’s no secret that online has changed the way that Motor Dealers sell cars. How do car buyers find their next car? They go to Google and search for a vehicle to buy. To improve your sales, you need to get your website positioned on the front page of online search engines.

The only way that your Dealership Website is going to achieve the top position online is by implementing a strong SEO strategy. SEO is the process used to optimise a website's technical configuration and content relevance so its pages can become easily findable in search engines.

For example, when someone searches Online for "Car dealer Sydney", every dealership in Sydney would want their dealership website to be the first website a user sees on the page. SEO is the process of getting your website into that top position. Having a strong SEO strategy will lead to greater organic traffic, more eyeballs on your vehicles and ultimately a more sales opportunities.

2. Prioritise Online Reviews

The key to selling cars is building trust with customers. Studies show that 93% of buyers use Online Reviews to determine what to buy and more importantly who to buy from. In saying that, to grow your vehicle sales, you need to prioritise growing your dealerships Online Reviews.

After a customer has purchased a car from your dealership, try to do everything in your power to get them to leave a review online. Offer customers a gift or incentive, anything that you think may motivate your customers to leave a review, do it! Online Reviews can be all it takes for a buyer to choose you over the competition.

3. Utilise Social Media

The impact social media has had on the Automotive Industry in the last 2 years cannot be understated. Over the pandemic, social media became one of the go-to lead generation sources for Motor Dealerships.

Don’t understand the enormity of social media? Statistics show that 81% of Australians have a registered social media account. Think about it, when was the last time you logged into Facebook or Instagram?

To drive more sales to your dealership in 2023 it is important that you implement different social media strategies to boost lead acquisition. Having a strong Social Media Strategy can and will lead to better sales opportunities and more room for sales throughout 2023 and beyond.

4. Implement Remarketing Strategies

Let’s face it, not every lead is going to buy. But that doesn’t mean you need to let them go. One of the best ways to increase sales at your dealership in 2023 is to implement different remarketing strategies.

Remarketing is the process of engaging with audiences who have already interacted with your business.

Think about creating a newsletter or email marketing piece where you send past leads new cars that you may have in stock. You can also implement paid online ads that target past visitors to your dealership website or social media profiles. Implementing remarketing strategies is one of the best ways to increase sales opportunities in 2023.

5. Start a Referral Program

Referrals have always been one of the most valuable lead sources for Motor Dealers. A great way to boost sales at your dealership throughout 2023 is by starting a referral program which rewards your past customers for referring new leads to your dealership.

Like we mentioned in point number 2, think about offering an incentive, you need to motivate your past customers to provide a referral to your dealership. If a customer finds value in your proposition, they will be more motivated to help.

The best thing about referral leads is they are cheap. Your dealership won’t need to pay hundreds for them as you normally would with online vehicle advertisers!

Final Word,

Growing sales in any industry isn’t easy. To grow sales beyond your current levels, it is important that you continue to adapt to the market, and you introduce new strategies for lead acquisition. The 5 strategies mentioned above are a few great ways your dealership can grow sales in 2023.

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