Adopting a DMS: Training employees for DMS excellence

08 Aug 2023 Helpful Tips


In the fast-paced Automotive Industry, car dealers are constantly seeking new innovative ways to streamline their operations and improve customer experience. One game-changing solution that has changed the way that automotive dealers operate- is a Dealer Management System.

A well-implemented Dealer Management System will streamline workflows, enhance customer experience, and will position dealers to close more sales.

In this blog post we will get into how your dealership can adopt a Dealer Management System and train your employees to use it to maximise workflows and increase profitability.

1. Understanding your dealership needs

Are you a busy car dealer overwhelmed with manual paperwork and administrative tasks? By implementing a Dealer Management System, you can benefit from your DMS streamlining all the time-consuming tasks for you so that you can prioritise customer satisfaction and other important duties essential to running a successful business.

2. Once you have found your ideal DMS

When selecting the right DMS for your dealership, it is vital to consider multiple factors such as the support team’s assistance during the set-up process. Throughout your research, allocate a budget as you should expect that there will be an ongoing setup cost. In addition, it’s crucial that it includes all government forms to ensure that you’re staying on the right side of the law. In 2023, there has been a crackdown on dealerships and the severity of how important is to stay compliant. Some Dealer Management Systems may not include certain government forms, potentially leading to complications in the future.

Once you have found your ideal DMS, it’s important to assess the resources you will need for success. Ensure that your DMS integrates with all your existing software. For example, your accounting software like Xero or MYOB. This will minimise disruptions during your transition, it’s going to be essential to work closely with your DMS provider during this time to ensure that the integration is successful, and all your information is transferred accurately!

3. Planning the Switch from manual to automated

Making the switch to an automated DMS is a game-changing decision for your dealership. It allows you to streamline processes, improve efficiency, and deliver exceptional customer experiences. Embrace the power of automation and enhanced efficiency. Once you do, you can expect long-term success.

With the right DMS, you can drive profitability and create lasting connections with your customers. Proper planning and execution of the switch will pave the way for success in your dealership. That said, the success of a DMS relies heavily on the confidence and proficiency of the staff using it. To take advantage of the power of a DMS it is crucial for dealers to invest in training their staff with their DMS providers. In addition, it’s important to implement hands on training while you’re in the dealership. Once this training has been completed it is vital to monitor effectiveness to ensure that your staff are using the dealer management system to its full potential and getting the best out of the software.

Role based training will be effective if you have a staff member that only needs limited access to the software. For example, lead management. Training that staff member on that specific module will be a less time-consuming learning process.

In conclusion,

Adopting a DMS and training your employees for DMS excellence is the key to success for a dealership seeking efficiency, increased profitability, and long-term success in the competitive automotive industry. By prioritizing staff training and leveraging the power of switching from processing everything manually, you lay the foundations for your dealership to thrive in today’s digital age and deliver exceptional experiences to your customers.

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