How Your Dealership Can Win Over Customers in 2023

04 Apr 2023 Helpful Tips


It’s no secret that the Australian Automotive Industry is extremely competitive. With so much choice available, getting customers to choose your dealership over the competition can be difficult.  

That brings us to the question. How Can Your Dealership Win Over Customers in 2023?  

EasyCars has put together 5 ways your dealership can win over customers in 2023.  

Let’s get into it!

1. Offer Something Customers Can’t Get Elsewhere

To be successful in any industry you need to stand out from the competition. But how exactly do you do that? With so many dealerships available for buyers the only way that you are going to gain a competitive advantage is by offering customers something they cannot get elsewhere.  

To offer customers something different it is important that you find out how other dealers are selling their cars. Once you know what they are doing, get creative and tweak your offering to better them. From price to sales process and everything in-between, try to create an experience that is better than what your competitors are doing. 

Offering customers something they cannot get elsewhere is by far the best way to gain a competitive advantage and to win over customers in 2023.

2. Competitive Pricing Is Key

The only way that you are going to convince a buyer to choose your dealership over the competition is to have competitive pricing. Let’s face it, 2023 is going to be a challenging time for many Australians. With inflation and costs rising, customers are only going to choose the cheapest option in the market.  

Before you price your vehicles, it is important that your dealership researches and understands the prices that your competitors are offering. Once you understand what your competition is doing, try to introduce a price point that is better than theirs whilst maintaining a healthy profit margin for your dealership. Having the best price is essential for winning over customers in 2023.  

3. Adapt to Customer Preferences

No two customers are the same! In saying that to win over buyers, your dealership will need to adapt to each individual customers preference. When a potential buyer visits your dealership or submits an online enquiry, try to find out as much as you can about their wants and spending budget.  

Once you understand what each prospective buyer wants, adapt your offer to closer align with their current position. Adapting your offer to each buyer shows that your dealership is going above and beyond. The closer your offers meets the customers unique preference, the more leads you will convert into full paying customers.  

4. Simplify the Buying Process

The key to selling vehicles in Australia is having an easy buying process. Buying a car should be easy. Customers don’t have the time or patience anymore to go through a long, drawn-out buying process, it increases anxiety and often leads to second thoughts that results in loss of sale.  

To win over customers in 2023 it is important that your dealership has the fastest and easiest buying experience. From the time a customer submits a vehicle enquiry all the way to the time they drive out with the vehicle, the process needs to be simple and require as little as possible from the customer.  

5. Customer Reviews

Research has shown that 93% of Australian Car buyers use online reviews to determine what car to buy and who to buy from. To put it simply, the only way that your dealership is going to be able to convince buyers to choose you over the competition is by building positive online reviews.  

After a customer has purchased from your dealership, try to do everything in your power to get them to leave a review. Offer an incentive, follow up with them in the weeks preceding the sale, anything you can think of to get customers to leave a review, do it. As the studies show, online reviews are often all it takes for a customer to choose you over the competition. 

Final Word,

The Automotive Industry has and always will be one of the most competitive industries to operate in. The 5 tips presented are a few good ways you can convince customers to buy from your dealership instead of the competition in 2023.  

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