Why Online Reviews Are So Important for Car Dealerships

30 Aug 2022 Helpful Tips


Don’t realise the importance of Online Reviews? Studies show that 93% of Customers read a seller’s online reviews before buying a product. There is no other way of saying this, Online Reviews play a huge role in determining whether a someone buys from your dealership or not!

Here’s why Online Reviews are so important for Car Dealerships.

1. Builds Trust with Potential Buyers

Buying a car is a huge financial and emotional decision. Before buyers spend thousands of their hard-earned money on a new car, they want to know if a seller is trustworthy or not. When a car buyer looks to purchase a car, the first thing they will do is undertake an online search to learn more about the seller.

By having positive online reviews, potential buyers can read firsthand from an unbiased third-party what your dealership has provided to past customers. If your past customers write a glowing review, potential buyers will be more willing to trust you and see what vehicles you are selling compared to other sellers who have either no or negative reviews.

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2. Showcases What Your Dealership Has Done

Car buyers want to see what your dealership has done for others before they spend their hard-earned money at a dealership. The two biggest fears for Car buyers are buying a lemon or getting scammed! The benefit of having strong online reviews is you can ease these two common fears for Car Buyers.

Having a good amount of positive online reviews will show potential buyers what your dealership has done for past customers. If a potential buyer can see that you provide good quality cars, meet expectations and do everything promised, they will be more willing to learn more about your dealership.

3. Highlights Your Customer Service

Having a strong customer service experience is the key to success in the Australian Automotive Industry. If your dealership doesn’t provide a warm and welcoming car buying process, buyers will go elsewhere.

A great benefit of collecting online reviews is it showcases your Dealerships customer service and sales process. If a past customer writes about the positive buying experience, friendly staff or the overall experience, potential buyers may be more motivated to enquire.

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4. They Have an Impact on Decision Making

Recent studies show that 83% of Buyers use Online Reviews as a deciding factor when buying a product. There are no ways around it! If you want to be successful buying and selling cars, you need to gain positive online reviews!

Think about it, put yourself in a potential car buyers’ shoes. Would you spend thousands of your hard-earned dollars on a vehicle from a seller who has no or negative online reviews? The answer is most likely no. Online reviews play a huge role in determining whether a potential customer buys from your dealership or not.

5. They Build Dealership Visibility

One of the biggest benefits of having a good number of Online Reviews is it builds your dealerships online visibility and brand awareness.

All online search engines whether it be Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. have their own ways of indexing content for users. When a car buyer searches for local dealerships, a search engine wants to give them the best options. The way they determine who is the best seller is through Online Reviews and interactions.

If your Online Business listing has countless positive online reviews, search engines will favor your business over those businesses that don’t. The better positioning your dealership has on search engines, the more leads you will get!

Final Word,

Online Reviews play a massive role in the Car Buying Journey. To be successful buying and selling cars, dealerships MUST encourage and gain online reviews from past customers.

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