5 Car Advertising Tips for Australian Motor Dealers in 2022

25 Jan 2022 Helpful Tips Advertising

95% of Australian Car Buyers use the internet to find their next vehicle. To put this into context, twice as many car buyers start their research online compared to visiting a dealership. With that being said, the way that many Australians find their next car is through Online Advertising.

It’s no secret Advertising is a critical part of running a motor dealership. 60% of the car buying process is done online so you want to be sure that your advertisements are captivating enough to capture a reader’s attention.

Here are 5 Advertising Tips Australian Car Dealers can use to increase leads in 2022:

1. Send your listings to Multiple Advertisers for greater exposure

We’re not going to lie, selling cars in the Australia is extremely competitive! The only way that you are going to gain more leads is by placing your advertisement in front of as many people as possible. The first tip for Australian Car Dealers is to advertise your vehicles on multiple platforms.

One of the greatest benefits of the Australian Motor Industry is there is an abundance of advertisers available at your disposal. Car Advertisers fight for new dealer listings and do offer great deals and free advertising periods in an effort to get your listing. The more eyeballs you get on your listings, the more chance you have of acquiring leads.

Some of the best performing advertisers available to Australian dealers include:

  • CarsGuide.com.au
  • Drive.com.au
  • Shop for Cars
  • Trading Post
  • GumTree
  • eBay
  • Facebook

Before you begin sending your vehicle advertisements to multiple advertisers it is highly recommended that you understand the different terms and conditions, pricing, the risk versus reward, and consult with all relevant parties prior to beginning paid advertisements.

2. Highlight Important Features

Since you are competing with thousands of other advertisements you need to make sure your ads stand out. Your Advertisements need to have everything that Australian Car Buyers Look For.

Some important features you should include in your advertisements include:

  • Car Financing Options
  • Car History & PPSR Reports
  • Trade In options
  • Safety Rating
  • Fuel Efficiency

It’s so important that you give buyers all the information they want right away. The last thing you want potential customers to do is have to look elsewhere to find information. Once a customer bounces from an advertisement it is almost impossible to get them back.

3. Customise your Advertisements

To get the best bang for your buck, your ads need to stand out. Put yourself in a potential customers shoes, they scroll through hundreds of advertisements at any one time, most of which all look the same. You need to do everything in your power to stand out and make them want to click on your advertisement.

Here are a few ways your dealership can make your vehicle ads stand out:

Capture High Quality Images: Many vehicle advertisements have poor quality images. When an image is blurry, not lit correctly or distanced too far away, customers will just keep scrolling. Try to capture your images in the best quality possible. High quality images can be captured on a mobile phone; you don’t need a photographer!

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Include your dealership logo: Adding a dealership logo provides some personalisation to the listing. It also removes any doubt of the image being a stock image and shows your dealership is a legitimate business.

Customise your description: Make sure you cover all the features of the vehicle in your advertisement description. Many listings either don’t include a description or miss key points. Don’t worry about the length, list as many important features you can.

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4. Check your spelling

This one is so important! Spelling mistakes can make it super hard for car buyers to find your advertisement.

If you misspell a vehicle name or price you will severely impact your vehicle advertisements placement. Advertisers won’t be able to filter your advertisement into the correct section of their website.

We get it, sometimes we all make spelling mistakes, but to get the best results for your advertisement you need to triple check your spelling before you send your advertisements to an advertiser.

5. Automate Vehicle Advertising

Let’s face it, as a motor dealer you have a thousand different things to do. You simply don’t have the time to sit down and create individual ads for multiple advertisers. The best tip for getting the best return from your advertising is to use a dealer management system to automate the process.

Using DMS like EasyCars, dealers can customise and automatically feed ads to different classifieds at the click of a button.

Where EasyCars can help?

EasyCars by Jeal is an Australian Motor Industry Specific, web-based dealer management system that automates the buying and selling of motor vehicles.

EasyCars includes all your everyday needs like Stock Management, Automated Advertising, Facebook Automotive Inventory Ads, Government Compliance, Integrated Accounting, Dealer Finance, Reviews Management, Business Reporting and so much more.

Want to learn more? Call us today on 1300 473 744 to see what sets us apart or submit the form for a free no-obligation demo of EasyCars.

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