What Australian Car Buyers look for in a Dealership

19 Oct 2021 Helpful Tips

We’re not going to sugar coat it, selling cars in Australia is extremely competitive! If your dealership doesn’t have all the things that car buyers look for, you could be losing thousands in sales.

Sure, selling great cars at the cheapest price is important, but there is a lot more things car buyers look for before choosing a dealership to buy from.

Here’s the 4 key things Australian car buyers look for in a dealership:

5-star customer service

I know what you’re thinking, it’s dead obvious right? but you would be surprised how many Australian dealerships don’t do the simple thing right for customers. 65% of Australian Car buyers feel anxiety when looking to purchase a car. Put yourself in a customer’s shoes, they have a million different thoughts. To increase your sales, you need to provide customer service that’s second to none.

Make your sales process easy! From the time a customer walks into your dealership to the time they drive out they should feel confident in their purchase. Simple things like offering free PPSR & Car History Reports, fast finance options and flexible test drive times can make a massive difference. Listen to your customer, give them advice on a car and offer them the best price. Anything that makes your customers buying process easier, do it!

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Online Reviews

81% of customers won’t buy from a dealership that has no online reviews. Before spending a lot of money on a car, car buyers want to know what your dealership has done for others. They want to make sure their money is in the safest hands!

Think about if you were looking to buy a new car, would you buy from a dealership that has no online reviews? The answer is no. You would want to know if the dealer is trustworthy and if their cars are reliable.

To grow sales at your dealership, you need to have online reviews. Online reviews should be added to your Google business page, Facebook page, and your dealer website. You need to make sure a potential customer can easily access them.

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Dealer Website

We aren’t going to beat around the bush, if your dealership doesn’t have a website, you’re losing thousands in sales! 95% of Australian car buyers start their research online instead of physically at a dealership.

To acquire customers, your dealership must have a website that customers can use to view your stock. The benefit of a dealership website is it gives customers flexibility. Customers can access free Car History Reports, find out the cost per week and even get a trade in estimate. Back to point number 1, you need to make your customers purchasing process easy! A dealer website makes a customers purchasing process easy!

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It’s no secret, Australian car buyers will go to the dealership that offers the best price. If your cars aren’t priced competitively, you will lose customers.

We get it! you need to have a price cut-off to make sure it covers your overheads, but if your prices are too far greater than others on the market, you could be in some serious trouble.

Before buying and selling, you need to research the competition and the prices they are offering. Find a way to match or even better their prices. You need to make sure you stay ahead of the market; the market moves quickly so it is essential you frequently analyse the industry standard vehicle pricing.

Final Word,

To be successful selling cars in Australia, you need to make things fast and easy for the customer. Using the tips above your dealership will go along way to acquiring customers and maximising sales for your dealership.

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