5 Features Car Buyers Look For On A Dealership Website

06 Apr 2022 Website


Dealership Websites are the largest lead generator for Motor Dealers in 2022. To put things into perspective, research shows 95% of Australian Car buyers in 2021, visited a dealership’s website prior to attending the yard in person.

With that being said, your dealership website needs to have all the key features that customers look for. If your dealership website lacks key buying features, you will find that you generate little to no results.

Here are 5 Key Features Car Buyers Look For on A Dealership Website.

1. Car Valuation Calculator

One of the most essential features your dealership website needs to have is a Car Valuation Calculator. Many Car Buyers want to trade in their current vehicle to minimise their total costs on their next purchase. If your website doesn’t have a feature that allows them to quickly submit information for a valuation, you could risk losing that potential customer to other dealerships that do. Customers don’t want to drive around from dealership to dealership to gain a valuation, they want there information here and now.

Adding a Car Valuation Calculator feature to your Dealership Website will give customers the ability to submit information and images of their current car for you to quickly evaluate. The benefit for customers is they get an understanding of their current cars value far quicker and easier than they normally would having to attend a dealership in person.

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2. Weekly Repayments Amounts

Buying a Car can be a stressful experience, what makes the car buying experience so daunting for many is often money. A key feature that your dealership website must have is Weekly Finance Repayment Amounts.

A Weekly Repayment Amount Feature is a simple value added below your vehicle listing price that lets the customers know how much they will need to pay weekly. The benefit of having a weekly repayment amount feature added to your website is it simplifies the payment process for potential customers. Potential customers can quickly understand how much they need to pay weekly without having to speak to a financer or do calculations manually. The easier the buying process is for a customer on your website, the more leads you will get.

3. Live Chat

35% of Car Buying Enquiries come through after hours. As a dealership, your main priority is to give customers as much information as they can when they need it, you never want a customer researching on other websites for information. A great feature for your dealer websites should have is Live Chat.

Live Chat gives potential customers the ability to communicate with your dealership at a time of their choosing. The benefit of live chat is customers can talk to someone about whatever question they may have without having to visit or call the dealership. For dealerships, Live chat can be set up in a way that notifies you via email or SMS when you receive a live chat request – meaning you don’t need to sit right by the computer waiting for a message.

4. Car History Reports

Buying a used car requires trust, many car buyers are fearful of buying a lemon. A key feature that customers look for on a dealership website is Car History Reports. A great way to generate more leads through your dealership website is to offer free Car History Reports for all your individual listings.

Offering Free Car History Reports gives potential customers the peace of mind and helps ease the anxiety that comes with buying a car. Adding something as simple as free Car History Reports can be all it takes for a customer to choose you over the competition.

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5. Customer Reviews

90% of Car Buyers use customer reviews to determine what to buy or who to buy with. To generate more leads through your dealership website you need to have a dedicated section for past customer reviews and testimonials.

Customers want to see what your dealership has done for others before they purchase. Having a dedicated section on your website for customer reviews gives prospects the ability to read about your dealerships past successes and helps build trust.

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Final Word,

To gain more leads through your dealership website you need to have all the key features that car buyers look for. The sole purpose of your dealership website is to simply a customer’s buying journey. The 5 features mentioned above are essential for all dealership websites in 2022.

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