5 Signs Your Dealerships Marketing is Not Working

15 Nov 2022 Helpful Tips


Marketing is one of the most important parts of running a Motor Dealership. Marketing is fast moving industry, the strategies that dealerships used only a few years ago may not be as effective today.

The key to having successful Dealership Marketing is staying on top of the latest trends and adapting to industry standards. Failing to adapt your dealerships marketing will lead to, little to no lead generation and greater costs.

Here are 5 Signs that your dealerships Marketing is Not Working.

1. You’re not generating Inbound Leads

The first and most obvious sign that your dealerships marketing isn’t working is you aren’t generating leads. If your dealership is struggling to generate any inbound leads it means there is a problem marketing strategy.

Marketing is not a set and forget task. It is important that your dealership conducts frequent reviews of your marketing efforts to measure effectiveness. The benefit of frequently reviewing your marketing strategy is it gives you the ability to see what is working and what isn’t. You can then implement new strategies that push your efforts further to maximise lead generation.

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2. Poor Conversion Rate

At the end of the day a lead is worthless if they don’t convert into a full paying customer. Let’s face it, Marketing is extremely expensive. In saying that, you want to make sure your money is going to good use and generating the best possible results. The second sign that your dealerships marketing isn’t working is having a poor conversion rate.

To master the art of marketing you need to constantly report on your lead generation and track metrics from first contact all the way through to conversion. This way you can effectively understand what lead sources whether it be your paid advertising, email marketing or any other marketing method you use produces the best leads.

If you find that a high proportion of your inbound leads are dodgy, this could signal a problem with your dealerships lead targeting. Your dealership needs to target specific, relevant leads that live within a close radius to your dealership to increase the chance of conversion. Try to avoid having a mass marketing campaign as it increases the risk of dodgy, time-wasting leads.

3. No Engagement

The key to Marketing is creating strategies that engage prospective buyers. A common sign that a marketing strategy isn’t working is having no engagement from your targeted audience.

The strategies that your dealership uses needs to be informative and exciting. You need to give a prospect a reason to click on your ad or proceed to the next stage of the buying journey. If there is no motivating factor, a prospect will leave without taking any further action.

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4. Low Website Traffic

The number one marketing priority for all businesses is to drive visitors to their website. If your dealership is struggling to generate traffic, there could be a problem with your marketing efforts.

To generate strong organic traffic, it is important that your website possesses all the key fundamentals that both prospective buyers and search engines look for. You need to make sure you are hitting relevant keywords, location fields and has a strong user experience.

5. Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is the key to running a successful business. A sign that your dealerships marketing isn’t working is if your customers cannot tell you how they found out about your dealership.

If a customer cannot tell you how they found you, whether it be organically, driving by your dealership or seeing your advertising, you have a big problem. You need to do everything in your power to try to find out how someone found your dealership so you can report and plan your future marketing efforts. 

Final Word,

Marketing is a difficult but rewarding task for all dealerships. To be successful marketing your dealership, you need to stay on top of the latest trends and adapt your efforts based on your reporting. The 5 signs presented above are common signs that marketing efforts are not working.

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