5 Ways to Increase Conversions at Your Dealership

18 Apr 2023 Helpful Tips


Generating leads is one thing. But getting those leads to convert into full paying customers is a whole other story.

At the end of the day if your dealership cannot convert incoming leads into full paying customers, you will haemorrhage money and struggle to stay afloat.

That brings us to the question. How Can You Increase Conversions at Your Dealership?

EasyCars has put together 5 strategies that your dealership can use to increase conversions at your dealership in 2023.

Let’s get into it.

1. Understand the Customers Unique Position

The first and most important thing that your dealership needs to do to maximise the chance of conversion is to understand each individual customers unique position.

Not every car buyer is ready to buy instantly. They may need to wait for finance, save more money, are just looking, and everything in between. Before your dealership invests heavy time and money into a prospective buyer, it is important that your dealership understands where each individual customer sits.

When a lead attends your dealership, try to find out their motivations and buying timeline. By understanding a customer’s unique position, you can implement different strategies for each type of prospective buyer instead of trying to pester them into buying now!

2. Focus on Flexibility

The key to selling motor vehicles is being flexible. No two car buyers are the same. What one car buyers wants will differ from the next, as such your dealership needs to be flexible and cater for each buyers’ unique needs.

This is where point number one becomes so important. To provide the best flexibility for customers you first need to understand their position. Try to learn about their limitations, what they are looking for, how much they are looking to spend etc.

Once you know this try to find an option that fits their unique needs. Being flexible with each individual customers wants and creating a unique proposal that is aligned with the customers position will lead to better conversions at your dealership.

3. Implement a Strong Follow Up Process

Buyers aren’t going to rock up one day, select a car, and drive out. Buying a car is process, customers will take their time, assess their options, and choose a vehicle that meets both their personal and financial position. That said to increase conversions at your dealership it is important that implement a strong customer follow up process.

Studies show it takes an average of 8 follow ups to get a customer to convert into a sale. It is important that your dealership implements a process that follows up with a customer frequently throughout the buying journey.

It is important that your dealership doesn’t take too long to follow up with customers because the more you wait, the higher the chance is of them going with another seller. Finding and implementing the right follow up process is one of the best ways to maximise customer conversions in 2023.

4. Stick to Preferred Communication Methods

When it comes to communicating with customers, it is important that you only communicate via their preferred contact method.

Some buyers like to communicate via phone, others via email. As such it is important that your dealership finds each customers preferred contact methods and only uses that throughout the buying process.

Using the customers preferred contact method will lead to faster more reliable communications and reduces the risk of no response.

5. Adapt Your Offering

Let’s face it, the Australian Automotive Industry is extremely competitive. When it comes to buying a car, there is so much choice available for buyers. How will customers choose what car to buy? They will choose the best deal.

To increase conversions at your dealership it is important that you adapt your offering to closer meet the customers expectations. Find out what other sellers are offering and try to offer a price point that either matches or betters theirs. Having the most competitive offer in the market will lead to better conversions!

Final Word,

Converting leads into full paying customers is no easy task. To increase conversions at your dealership it is important that you implement the different strategies that meet each individual customers unique buying position. The 5 strategies mentioned above a re a few good ways your dealership can increase conversions in 2023.

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