How Car Dealerships Can Minimise the Impacts of a Staff Shortage

09 Mar 2022 Helpful Tips


What is the biggest challenge for Motor Dealers in 2022? Used Car Prices? Stock shortages? one challenge that sits above the rest is Staff shortages. Think about it if your dealership has a staff shortage how will you operate?

The best way to minimise the impacts of a staff shortage is automation. Dealerships need to transition their operations from a labour-intensive program to technology to cover for any unplanned shortages of staff.

What is Automation?

Automation is application that has been programmed to complete set tasks and objectives with minimal to no human input. Automation eliminates time-consuming everyday manual administration tasks, increases dealership efficiency, and reduces overall costs.

For Australian Motor Dealerships, A Dealer Management System is the key automated tool to minimise the impacts of a staff shortage.

How EasyCars Can Help?

EasyCars by Jeal is an Australian Motor Industry Specific, Dealer Management system that automates the day-today tasks of running a motor dealership. Automation through EasyCars reduces time spent on manual tasks, allows you to trade remotely and open your doors for future growth.

Here is how EasyCars can help Motor Dealers during a staff shortage.

Automates Management Tasks

You need to be sure that you can manage your dealership seamlessly in any staff shortage. EasyCars Dealer Management System automates many day-to-day management tasks without needing any major human input.

Using EasyCars, Dealers can automate their stock management, advertising, Government Compliance, Quoting, Invoicing, Reporting, and Accounting in the one central easy to use application.

The benefit of EasyCars is dealers don’t have to waste time on everyday manual management tasks. It’s one less thing you need to worry about in any staff shortage.

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Dealer Website Listings

Your Dealer Website is so important for lead generation. In the event of a staff shortage, you need to be sure that listings are updated and placed online in a timely manner. The longer your website remains stagnant the less leads you will get.

The benefit of having an EasyCars Dealer website is listings automatically update as you buy and sell. Data is transferred from EasyCars Dealer Management System directly to the dealer website in real-time, removing the need to either employ a website specialist or waste time manually updating online stock listing.

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Accessible Anywhere

What happens if you can’t physically attend your dealership? How will your dealership cope? EasyCars Dealer Management system is web-based which means you can access and manage your dealership at any time, any place and on any device. All you need is an internet connection, and you will be able to manage your dealership.

Web-based technology puts you in control of your dealership no matter what the world throws up.

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Integrated Accounting

You also need to take into consideration the possibility of being without your accountant or bookkeeper for an extended period of time.

To minimise the impacts of a staff shortage, dealers need to integrate their accounting software with their management software. EasyCars Dealer Management System integrates with leading accounting packages Xero and MYOB – offering a seamless and stress-free accounting process for dealers and accountants.

What makes EasyCars integration so beneficial is financial information syncs two ways from the dealer management system to the accounting program and vice versa without you needing to do any duplicate data entry.

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Final Word,

Staff shortages are going to impact all Australian businesses at some point in 2022. The best thing Motor Dealers can do is have a clear and concise plan in place. The best way to minimise the impacts of a Staff shortage is by automating your daily tasks through a dealer management system like EasyCars.

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About EasyCars

EasyCars by Jeal is an Australian web-based dealer management system that automates the buying and selling of motor vehicles. Using the latest technologies, EasyCars removes common frustrations faced at the dealership – opening your doors for future growth.

EasyCars includes all your everyday management features like Stock Management, Automated Advertising, Government Compliance, Facebook Automotive Inventory Ads, Reviews Management, Dealer Websites, and Integrated accounting in the one central application.

EasyCars customises packages to meet your dealerships needs.

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