How Using A Dealer Management System Can Reduce Your Costs

21 Feb 2023 Helpful Tips


Automating your Dealerships Operations is by far the best and most effective way of reducing costs in 2023.

Here's how automating your dealerships tasks using a Dealer Management System will reduce your costs.

1. Automates Administration

One of the biggest costs to all businesses is performing manual and repetitive tasks. Think about it, when your staff get caught up performing tedious manual tasks, they are taken away from their primary focus of buying and selling cars. Even though it may not seem like you are losing on the surface, the costs to your dealership can be enormous through the form of lead loss and sales downtime.

To be successful buying and selling cars in 2023 your dealership needs to focus all your time and efforts into buying and selling cars only. You cannot afford to get caught up performing administrative tasks. The biggest benefit of using a Dealer Management System is it automates many daily dealership tasks like Stock Management, Vehicle Advertising and Reporting.

By automating simple administrative tasks using a DMS, your dealership will gain more time to focus on closing sales whilst reducing expenditure in the process.

2. Streamlines Reporting

It’s fair to say any type of reporting is a struggle. Many dealerships get caught up trying to compile weekly, monthly, or quarterly reports and lose hours of vital sales time throughout the process. A key benefit of using a Dealer Management System is it automatically complies management reports in the background as you trade.

Some of the reports that a dealer management system will automatically populate include your lead acquisition figures, vehicle stock numbers, advertising results, growth, sales cycles and more. In the click of a button, you can export the required report instantly without having to spend valuable business time putting them together yourself.

Having beneficial reports available to you will allow you to make faster, better, and more strategic business decisions that will push your dealership further.

3. Tracks Performance Metrics

It’s no secret that Staff are one of the biggest expenses for every business. In saying that, it is important that your dealerships staff are performing to expectations, or you could be hemorrhaging money that could be better used elsewhere.

One of the greatest benefits of using a Dealer Management System is you can measure, track and report on each salesman’s performance. You can assign different lead opportunities to different salesman and export reports to see who is converting sales and who isn’t. Understanding your staff performance quickly, will give you the ability to make changes if necessary.

4. Eliminates Error

Let’s face it, we all make errors on occasion. But in the Automotive industry making one slight mistake can cost your dealership thousands and even risk loss of license.

Arguably the biggest benefit of using a Dealer Management System is it will reduce your risk of making an error. As many daily tasks are automated in the background, you will minimise the number of manual tasks that you need to complete thus reducing the risk of error. The less errors your dealership makes, the more money you will save!

5. Accounting Integration

As a Motor Dealer, you will be all too familiar with how much it costs to have an accountant or bookkeeper complete your financials. The more time your accountant needs to complete a job, the more you will pay.

In saying that using a Dealer Management System will streamline the accounting process and reduce your accountants’ fees. Dealer Management Systems offer integrations with leading accounting packages like Xero and MYOB. When a system is integrated, all financial information will instantly transfer from the program of entry to the other program without requiring any duplicate data entry to be completed.

Integrated accounting will reduce the time your accountant needs to complete the job which will ultimately lower their fees!

Final Word,

Reducing your dealerships expenses is the key to being successful in 2023. A Dealer Management System can and will save your dealership hours of time and thousands of dollars every year! The 5 examples presented above are a few ways a DMS can reduce your dealerships costs in 2023.

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