Why Your Dealership Should Keep in Touch With Past Customers

27 Sep 2022 Helpful Tips


One of the biggest mistakes that many Car Dealerships make is stopping communication with customers after they have purchased a car. Past customers offer far more to your dealership than you may realise…

Here’s why your dealership should keep in touch with past customers.

1. Word Of Mouth Marketing

Every business’s key objective is to generate high quality leads at the cheapest possible price. Arguably the biggest reason why your dealership should remain in contact with past customers is because they offer word of mouth and referral lead opportunities.

By continuing communication with past customers, you increase the chances of receiving a referral lead or a lead via word of mouth. If a past customer has had a good experience buying from you, they will be more enticed to point their friends or family who may be looking for a vehicle in your direction.

The benefit of referral & word of mouth lead acquisition is it is the cheapest lead source! You don’t need to spend hundreds as you would with large online vehicle advertisers.

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2. Future Buy Back Opportunities

The biggest challenge facing all Motor Dealers in 2022 is stock shortages. Many dealers don’t realise this but staying in contact with your past customers can present stock acquisition opportunities.

Think about it, if you are looking for a new car to sell, you can reach out to your past customers, who you have already built a relationship with, and you can ask them if they are or know anyone who may be thinking of selling their vehicle.

The benefit of trying to source vehicles from your past customers is you may be able to purchase new cars to sell at a much cheaper price than you would if you visit an auction house, the reason being, you avoid getting into bidding wars.

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3. Up Selling

Another great advantage of keeping in contact with past customers is you can remarket and up sell any offers you may have at a later date.

If your dealership is beginning a sales promotion, whether it be a vehicle discount, vehicle add-ons, warranties etc. you can reach out to your past customers and offer them the promo first. As they have already had a good experience purchasing from you before, they may be more willing and motivate to look at purchasing again.

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4. Saves on Lead Acquisition Costs

The ultimate benefit of keeping in contact with past customers is it will save you thousands in lead acquisition costs. Like mentioned above, if a past customer refers a friend or close contact to your dealership, you will virtually be getting a high-quality lead for nothing!

This will make a massive difference to your dealerships bottom line; you can reduce your current vehicle advertising spend and re-route those funds to other areas of your dealership for better use.

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5. They Have Purchased from You Before

Your past customers may themselves need to purchase a car again in the future. By keeping in contact with them you have the ability to continually market the vehicles you have in stock. If they are interested, they may again purchase as they have been through it with you before.

Final Word,

Past customers offer dealerships much more than realized. To be successful buying and selling cars, it is important that your dealership remains in contact with past customers.

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