How Australian Car Dealerships Can Generate More Leads in 2022

24 Feb 2022 Helpful Tips


We’re not going to lie, generating high quality leads for your dealership is no easy task. To get more leads in 2022, your dealership needs to understand the customer, know what cars they are looking for and have a strategic marketing plan in place.

Here’s How Australian Car Dealerships can generate more leads in 2022.

1. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

95% of Australian Car Buyers find a dealership online. To generate more leads for your Dealership in 2022, your dealership needs to have a SEO optimised Dealer Website. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of improving your website to get greater positioning on search engines like Google and generate organic (free) search results.

Having your own SEO optimised dealer website gives potential customers the ability to quickly find your dealership on Google, learn about your dealership and see what cars you are selling without having to attend your yard physically. The benefit of SEO is your dealership can generate high amounts of organic traffic without having to pay thousands in advertising costs.

EasyCars has created hundreds of unique, user friendly and SEO optimised Dealer Websites designed specifically for the Australian market. To learn more about EasyCars Dealer Websites click here.

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2. Facebook Automotive Inventory Ads

There is no better platform for Australian Car Dealers in 2022 than Facebook. The enormity of Facebook in Australia cannot be understated. Recent data shows 65% of Australians have an active Facebook Account. With such a large number of Australians using Facebook the opportunities for your dealership are endless.

The absolute best way to generate high quality leads through Facebook is Automotive Inventory Ads. Facebook Automotive Inventory Ads are dynamic paid ads that show your live vehicle stock to interested car buyers who live within a close radius to your dealership – the perfect lead.

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3. List your Dealership

Australians use many different search engines. What one person uses can differ from the next. To get more leads 2022 you need to list your dealership online to all major search engines.

Leading search engines where you can list your dealership include Google, Yahoo and Bing. List your Dealership on as many search engines as possible, you want to make sure that your dealership is seen no matter what search engine a potential customer is using.

The best part about listing your dealership online is it is completely free. To learn how to list your dealership online click here.

4. Ask Customers to leave a Google Review

72% of Australian car buyers choose a dealership based on their online reviews. To get more leads for your dealership you must have positive online reviews.

Car buyers want to see what you have done for others before they spend thousands of their hard-earned dollars. Put yourself in a customer’s shoes, would you buy from a dealership that has no online track record?

Before you finish the sales process ask a customer to leave a review of your service. The more positive reviews your dealership has, the more leads you will get it’s really that simple.

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5. Paid Car Advertising

Paid Car Advertising is a quick and easy way to generate leads for your dealership. One of the biggest advantages for Australian Motor Dealers is there is an abundance of Car Classifieds available to you – all of which have their own pricing and conditions.

It’s no secret that paid car advertising is expensive. So, before you begin advertising your cars online, it is recommended that you research all the advertisers available, understand their pricing set ups, implement a budget limit, and frequently report on your ROI. If a paid advertiser is not providing a good return, there’s no point wasting your money with them.

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Final Word,

Getting more leads for your dealership isn’t going to be easy. There are thousands of dealerships and private sellers out there that you will need to compete with. The 5 tips mentioned above are a few great ways dealerships can generate more leads in 2022.

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