Why Your Dealership Website MUST Offer Car Valuations

25 Oct 2022 Helpful Tips


Don’t realise the importance of Car Valuation Calculators on your Dealership Website? Studies show that almost 20% of Used Car Purchases include a trade in. If your dealership doesn’t have a car valuation calculator on your website, you are potentially cutting yourself off from a quarter of car buyers in the market.

Here’s why your dealership website MUST offer Car Valuations in 2022.

1. Streamlines the Buying Process

As a Motor Dealer your number one priority is to make the car buying process as fast and easy as possible. Having a Car Valuation calculator imbedded on your dealership website will ultimately streamline a customer’s buying journey.

By having a Car Valuation calculator on your website, potential car buyers can find a vehicle they like, gain their current vehicle valuation, and proceed to the next step of the buying process without having to seek any external options or information.

Having everything centralised on your dealership website will make the buying process faster for buyers and will lead to greater lead conversions for your dealership.

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2. Increases Lead Conversions

Arguably the greatest benefit of having a Car Valuation calculator included on your dealership website is it will increase your prospect conversion rate.

Most Car Buyers have to manually organise and chase dealerships for a car valuation. The process is time consuming and often leaves them with a bad taste in their mouth. Having a Car Valuation calculator available on your website gives potential car buyers the ability to quickly find their vehicle’s current valuation at a fraction of regular time.

If buyers receive a quick and competitive offer from your calculator, they will be more motivated to proceed with trading their vehicle in with you over other competitors for the main reason being it’s fast and easy!

3. Helps You Source More Cars to Sell

The biggest challenge facing all Motor Dealers around the world is stock shortages. Having a Car Valuation Calculator on your dealership website will open your doors for new stock acquisition opportunities.

Like mentioned in the point above, if your dealership can provide the fastest and most competitive car valuation, sellers will be more motivated to sell their vehicle to you over other competitors in the market. A Car Valuation calculator will help your dealership acquire new cars to sell at a fraction of your usual costs.

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4. Helps You Sell Your Current Vehicle Stock

Every dealer’s ultimate goal is to sell vehicles as fast as possible. One of the biggest benefits of having a Car Valuation calculator is it increases your chances of generating a sale.

If a potential buyer is interested in one of your cars and can access a competitive valuation through your website, they can proceed with their trade in and purchase, in a much faster and smoother process – which will ultimately help you sell more vehicles.

This comes back to the point, the easier the buying and selling process is for customers, the more vehicles you will sell and acquire.

5. Improves SEO

This may surprise you to hear but having a Car Valuation Calculator included on your dealership website will improve your SEO presence.

Online search engines rank websites based on keywords, data, website quality and many other factors. A Car Valuation calculator will help your dealership target another important and relevant keyword. A Car Valuation calculator will also give your website a better UX (user experience) design – all of which impacts SEO performance.

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Final Word,

The importance of Car Valuation calculators cannot be understated. To be successful buying and selling cars in 2022, your dealership website MUST have a Car Valuation calculator offering for web visitors.

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