5 Signs Your Dealerships Sales Process is Broken

06 Sep 2022 Helpful Tips


Believe it or not, your dealerships sales process plays a huge role in determining whether a customer buys from your dealership or not. To convert prospects into sales your dealership needs to offer the fastest and easiest buying process for customers.

With that being said, many dealerships make the mistake of having a complex or outdated sales process which which risks having potential buyers go to the competition.

Here are 5 signs your dealerships sales process is broken.

1. No Response After Initial Proposal

The first and most obvious sign that your dealerships sales process is broken is not receiving a response from a potential buyer after you have presented an initial vehicle purchase proposal.

Before you submit a proposal to a potential buyer it is important that you learn as much about them as possible and adapt your offering to meet their unique needs. Do your own research, find out what other sellers are selling similar vehicles for and adapt your sales offering to better meet the customers’ expectations. The more you understand the customer, the better your dealership can tailor a sales proposal that gets them to convert.

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2. Your Sales Process is More than 3 years old

A lot can change in 3 years! The way dealers sell cars in 2022 is much different to the way they sold cars in 2019. With that being said, your dealership needs to adapt your sales process to meet the current industry standards.

Many dealerships make the mistake of using the same process that they have been using for years without realising the impacts it has on the customer. To stay competitive, dealers need to frequently review their sales process and constantly look for ways to improve it. Your dealership’s ultimate goal should be to make the car buying process as fast and as easy as possible for customers.

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3. Your Salesman Don’t Stick to the Process

Your sales process is only as good as the salesman who utilise it. You may have the best vehicle sales process in the world, but if your salesman don’t stick to it, you won’t go too far.

To maximise conversions, it is important that your staff is consistently sticking to the agreed sales process. To do this, you need to ensure all your salesman are trained and understand the process from back to front. The more confident your sales staff are in the process, the more willing they will be to use it to maximise sales.

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4. Poor Conversion Rate

At the end of the day conversions are the only things that matter when it comes to selling cars. There is no point gaining hundreds of potential leads that don’t convert. You need to make sure you capture the right leads that do convert and turn into a full paying customer.

Another sign that your dealerships sales process may be broken is having a small conversion rate. The problem with having a small conversion rate is you are losing money. When you think of it, you spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars each month trying to capture leads, when those leads don’t convert, you have lost your investment!

To increase your dealerships conversion rate, it is important to be flexible and adapt to the customer. As mentioned in point number 1, your dealership needs to learn as much about the buyer as possible and cater an offering to meet their selective needs.

5. Prospects Delay Decision Making

One of the most frustrating things as a motor dealer is having potential buyers delay their decision for whatever reason. When this happens, it could point to an issue with your sales process. Most of the time it means your proposal is not right for the customers or they are still seeking other opportunities.

The best way to reduce losing a potential customer is communication. Your dealership needs to include a strong follow up process in your sales process. Try to communicate with the potential buyer as much as possible throughout the buying journey. If they aren’t happy with the original proposal, try to adapt your offering to meet both your expectations.

Final Word,

Having a strong sales process is the key to success in the Australian Automotive Industry. The 5 examples presented are common signs that a dealership sales process. If your dealership is experiencing any of these signs, they can be resolved through the solutions presented.

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