5 Ways Motor Dealers Can Simplify Operations

04 Oct 2022 Helpful Tips


Having strong operations is the key to success in the Australian Motor Industry. To be successful buying and selling cars, your dealership needs to constantly look for ways to improve and adapt to the market conditions.

Here are 5 Ways Motor Dealers Can Simplify Operations in 2022.

1. Centralise Dealership Operations

One of the biggest operational mistakes that so many Motor Dealers make is managing different areas of their dealership in multiple software systems. The problem with managing different areas of your dealership in multiple software’s is it creates room for error, increases costs and doesn’t put your team on the same page.

The fastest and easiest way that your dealership can simplify and streamline operations in 2022 is to consolidate your dealerships systems into one industry specific dealer management system (DMS). The benefit of centralising your dealerships operations using a dealer management system is gives you one key software application to manage all your everyday tasks.

Think of a DMS like a Heartbeat, everything your dealership does will flow through your DMS. Your staff can access and enter vital dealership information and also generate valuable business reports in the click of a button. Centralising your operations using a dealer management system will ultimately paint the full picture of how your dealership is performing.

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2. Integrate your Management Systems

Most dealerships have a variety of different management software's, from a DMS to an Accounting Software and everything in between. The second-best way to simplify your dealership’s operations is to integrate all your management systems together.

Integration is the process of combining multiple software systems into one. When a software system is integrated, data will automatically transfer from the program of entry to the other integrated programs without requiring any duplicate data entry. The benefit of integrating your systems together is it will save your team time and money along with reduce the risk of common error.

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3. Review Your Dealerships Processes

The only way that anyone improves is by reviewing the way they do things and implementing new and better processes. Another massive mistake that so many dealerships make, is keeping the same process for years. The problem with this is the Motor Industry changes so quickly. The way dealers sold cars in 2010 is much different to the way they sell today. Your dealership needs to constantly review processes and adapt to the current environment.

Your dealership should make it standard practice to review the way that you do things at least once every 6 months. The benefit of constantly reviewing your processes is you may identify areas that need improvement. If there are areas that need improvement, you can implement the necessary solutions needed before they create a problem for your dealership.

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4. Seek External Advice

Another great way of simplifying your operations is to seek external advice from other dealers in the industry.

Speak to other dealerships, see how they do things and note down any key differences between how they operate compared to your own. Once you find any differences assess their benefits and look to implement the new process if you feel necessary.

5. Invest in Technology

Technology is changing the Australian Automotive Industry. To stay ahead, dealers need to transition their operational processes from manual labor to technology.

Investing in new technologies will give your dealership the ability to automate and streamline operational processes. Investing in technology will save your dealership time, money and give you more time to focus on your main responsibility of buying and selling vehicles.

Final Word,

Having strong business operations is essential for sustained success in any industry. To simplify operations, dealerships need to transition common processes from manual labor to technology. The 5 examples presented are a few great ways your dealership can simplify operations in 2022.

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