What Software Does a Motor Dealer Need?

18 Oct 2022 Helpful Tips

Looking to start a Motor Dealership and not sure what software systems you need?

EasyCars has put together a complete list of the essential software systems that all Dealers need to operate a motor dealership successfully.

Let’s get started.

1. Dealer Management System

The number one software that a Motor Dealer needs is a Dealer Management System (DMS). A Dealer Management System is an industry specific management software that streamlines and automates the everyday tasks of running a Motor Dealership.

A Dealer Management System is a central software that handles your dealerships Stock Management, Vehicle Advertising, Government Compliance Forms, Finance Options, and Reporting. The benefit of using a dealer management system is it will save your dealership time and operational expenses.

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2. Accounting System

Every business needs an accounting system, a Motor Dealership is no different. The second most important software that your dealership will need is an accounting software. The accounting software that you choose needs to be able to cater for Motor Sales, Commissions and most importantly staff payroll.

Before you choose an accounting software it is always recommended that you seek accounting options that include integration options. The benefit of having an integrated accounting system in place is it centralises all your dealership information together in one central destination. All financial information will automatically sync from the program of entry directly to your other integrated software, in this case being your DMS, without requiring any duplicate data entry tasks to be performed.

The two most common and highest recommended accounting packages for Motor Dealers in Australia are Xero and MYOB, both of which integrate with Dealer Management Systems including EasyCars.

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3. Dealer Website

To be successful buying and selling cars, you need to have your own Dealership Website. A Dealership Website is your dealerships online showroom.

It is important that your dealership website includes all the lead generating tools and features that car buyers look for. There is no point having a dealership website if it doesn’t do what customers want it to do.

The main aim of having a Dealership Website is to streamline the buying journey for your customers.

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4. Payment System

Arguably a dealerships most important software! To buy and sell cars, your dealership needs to have a payment system implemented that allows you to take customer payments.

There are many payment providers available in Australia that offer the necessary solutions for Motor Dealerships. Each provider will have their own unique set of terms, conditions, features and pricing. It is recommended that your dealership compares and understands each option before choosing.

5. Online Profiles

The only way that your dealership is going to attract customers is by Marketing your vehicles on online search engines and social media platforms.

Your dealership will need to set up individual online profiles including a Google Business Listing, Facebook Page, and Instagram Page. Having an online profile on all major search engines and social media platforms will help drive enquiries and lead acquisition. You can market your vehicles, communicate directly with customers, and even advertise your vehicles to escalate sales.

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Final Word,

Your dealership will only be as good as the systems you use. To buy and sell cars successfully, you need to have the right systems in place. The 5 software systems mentioned above are essential for running a Motor Dealership in Australia.

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