Habits Australian Dealers Need to Break to be More Efficient

07 Dec 2021 Helpful Tips


We aren’t going to sugar-coat it, breaking a habit is one of the hardest things to do. As an Australian Motor Dealer, you have certain habits or routines that you do every day. But did you know that some of your common habits could be restricting the success of your dealership?

Here are 5 Habits Australian Dealers Need to Break to be More Efficient.

Managing Stock Manually

How long do you spend creating Stock Reports? Stock Management is a necessary but often time-consuming task that most dealers have to do daily. To put it simply, if you are managing your stock manually, you are limiting your dealerships efficiency.

Think about it, you need to record stock, enter new stock, update current stock numbers, and report on how long certain vehicles have been in stock for, the time it takes to complete can have serious ramifications on your dealership.

To be successful, Australian Motor Dealers need to automate stock management through a Dealer Management System. The benefit of using a dealer management system for Stock Management is it updates your stock as you buy and sell.

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Manual Government Compliance

Arguably the most important aspect of selling a car is Government Compliance. The Australian Automotive Industry is one of the strictest industries when it comes to Compliance Laws. If you are completing Government Compliance Forms manually you are increasing the risk of receiving a compliance fine.

Using a dealer management system like EasyCars, dealers can automate the entire Government Compliance process. Government forms are automatically updated and can be generated in the click of a button. A Dealer Management System reduces time spent completing compliance forms and minimises your risk of receiving a fine.

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Advertising Individually

One of the biggest mistakes Australian Car Dealers make is sending vehicles advertisements to different advertisers individually. Re-keying the same advertisement to different advertisers wastes valuable sales time and reduces your dealerships efficiency.

To increase your dealership efficiency, dealers need to implement an Automated Advertisement Software like EasyAd. EasyAd seamlessly syncs to your DMS and/or website, allowing you to customise and automatically feed ads to different classifieds at once. The benefit of using a system like EasyAd is it cuts down time spent on advertising – increasing your efficiency and sales time.

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Manual Website Listings

A common time-consuming task that many dealers do daily is manually updating website listings. Dealers simply don’t have the time anymore to do repetitive website data administration, there are far more important things to do.

One of the benefits of using EasyCars Dealer Management System is it automatically updates your website listings as you buy and sell. All data is transferred from EasyCars to your website without you needing to do anything.

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Using Multiple Systems to Manage the Dealership

Operating multiple systems to manage your dealership is so inefficient! You need to go back and forth between systems to complete simple everyday management tasks.

A Dealer Management System centralises your entire dealership operations in one industry specific management program. As everything is centralised in one area, you won’t need to waste time going back and forth to complete simple tasks.

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Final Word,

In conclusion, breaking common habits and routines is extremely tough, we get it. But, with the Australian Automotive Industry continuing to change, there are tools available to you that increase your efficiency and maximise your sales.

The number 1 tool for Australian Motor Dealers to increase efficiency is a Dealer Management System. To learn more about EasyCars Dealer Management System keep reading below.

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